The goal of Honours Review is to offer both a platform and a stimulating environment for Honours students, in which they can formulate, develop and communicate their ideas. Honours Review thus hopes to promote the growth of an intellectual community within the Honours College of the University of Groningen, and to convey the excellence of students to a wider public. To realize these goals, Honours Review sees quality of content, interdisciplinary dynamics and intellectual independence as its three inseparable foundations.

Guiding principles

Honours Review is a Journalistic-Scientific journal, combining the best of both worlds: deep, high quality material grounded in the scientific method, yet written and formulated in an attractive and clear manner.

Honours Review – representing the work of Honours College students aims to cover all science, and to make its content comprehensible regardless of the background of the reader. Our publication also intends to, whenever possible, find and cross the borders of disciplines, to shed light and present novel interpretations of scientific and societal issues, therefore fulfilling the scientific ideal of multidisciplinarity.