K. de Vey Mestdagh, LLM, PhD Law & ICT/Psychology
(Advisory Member of the Editorial Board)

Motto: "The complexity of the universe can only be defined in terms of the complexity of the perceptual apparatus. The simpler the perceptual apparatus, the simpler the universe. The most complex perceptual apparatus must conclude that it is alone in its universe." (Own words)

Motivation: Interdisciplinarity lies at the heart of (scientific) progress. Working with bright students from many different fields of academic expertise inspires me and creating an interdisciplinary magazine educates all participants

Interests: Knowledge about the meaning of life, sharing passions, enjoying the simple pleasures of this world

CV: I am head of the Centre for Law & ICT, University of Groningen, which offers a Bachelor’s and a Master’s programme in Law & ICT. My research focuses on three distinct subjects: Artificial Intelligence and Law, Internet Governance and Information Technology Law