Call for Board Members

Honours Review is dedicated to the presentation and dissemination of student work. In addition to publishing student articles covering a wide range of disciplines, Honours Review also strives to engage the academic and general public and ignite thought through regular collaboration with local organizations.

This in return provides educational and professional development opportunities in the form of workshops, talks, and information sessions for students who are our Editorial Board members.

Honours Review is seeking dedicated and enthusiastic individuals to fill various positions on the Editorial Board. Being a member of the board is challenging: it requires commitment, decision-making, and integrity. But it is also a very rewarding experience that allows you to gain new insights and develop new skills that will aid you in your future endeavors. Board meetings are held on a regular basis.

Ideal candidates will be students who possess a strong interest in science, technology, arts or business. Candidates must also be community-minded and possess good communication and interpersonal skills. Previous experience is not required.

Interested individuals are asked to submit their resume and a letter of intent by email at

Call for papers

Honours Review is a hybrid journalistic-scientific magazine, in which student papers have an academic journal-style reviewing process. We aim to publish content written attractively and that appeals to a broad academic audience.

To submit your work or inquire about article submission, write us at